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Whether you’re an artist, a small business entrepreneur, retail store owner, or simply an individual in need of guidance, there are ways to make money work for you in a manageable, sustainable way. Achieving your goals takes adventurousness and inventiveness, and good financial planning lets your creative vision thrive and flourish with less confusion and frustration.

Together, we first discover what methods of recordkeeping work best for you and your lifestyle, making accounting less stressful and more empowering. Eventually, we can gather data and analyze it to get an overall portrait, seeing trends and finding solutions, no matter what your situation.

Having a solid financial framework gives you control over your money, leading to stronger communities and ultimately creating change. Establishing good financial habits takes time, effort and patience, but it helps you make confident, informed decisions about your future, regardless of your goal or destination.

services for individuals, startups, and small businesses

  • Taxes and Tax Planning: Annual individual income tax returns (federal, state, local) and business income tax, sales tax and payroll tax returns. Quarterly or semi-annual tax planning.
  • Financial: Reconciling and preparing financial statements including a Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  • Systems: Establishing recordkeeping workflow and record storage methods.
  • Organization and Planning: Budgeting, analysis, and cash flow forecasting.
  • Technical: Choosing, setting up, and working with accounting and point-of-sale software.
  • Networking: Creating connections to help with banking, insurance, and more.
  • Start ups: Consulting with business registration and business plans.